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Common Pests that Invade Water Wells

Common Pests that Invade Water Wells

Water wells are vital to human infrastructure. We need them in order to access underground deposits of water that can then get redirected to homes, and businesses everywhere. How do water wells get water around the city though?

Well in Perth for example, after the water is pulled up from the well, it is then sent to filtration facilities to make it safe for human consumption. After that, water pumps Perth force the water through a maze of underground pipes that link to every building in the city that needs it. It’s a fairly simple concept really, but there is one issue that can put this whole system in jeopardy, and they are pests.

Why might pests be attracted to water wells?

There are a great number of pests that could be attracted to water wells. The main reason for this is that a fair number of pests thrive off of damp environments. The same pests you find infesting water wells, are often the same ones you could find in your own bathroom.

Of course, water wells these days are very well protected and the water that comes out of them goes through an intensive regiment of filtration before getting anywhere near the taps but its still important to be aware of the risks.

What Pests might show up in a water well?

Luckily the type of pests that will often be found in damp and moist areas are all similarly and easily dealt with. For the most part, you’re going to be finding insects, but what types specifically?

First of all, you have cockroaches. Known for their undying nature, cockroaches are very prevalent in areas full of moisture, especially pipes. Some studies have shown that cockroaches are able to hold their breath for nearly a full hour and can survive for weeks on end without a scrap of food making them completely able to thrive in a place like a water well.

Another common type of water loving pest is the drain fly. Often confused for moths due to how they look, drain flies are more likely to be drawn to a toilet over a lamp. They nestle themselves in constrained and damp environments to lay their eggs which have a very short gestation period, meaning they can reproduce fast if not handled with care.

Another incredibly common pest is the silverfish. They are absolutely going to be found in humid and damp environments as they require that moisture to survive. Whilst not completely harmless to humans, they can be responsible for damaging property and contaminating food, so they are definitely not something you want in a water pump.

Whilst this can seem like a major epidemic there are plenty of things in place that stops these pests from getting into wells. Massive professional wells are often completely sealed, this means that these bug would have to wiggle their way through steel to get at the water which is highly unlikely, and even if they do show up in there, they will definitely get separated at the filtration plant so don’t worry about critters falling on you from the shower!